Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy New Year

I'm finally saying 'happy new year' to my blog.
I always tell myself that "i should really blog TOMORROW" and surprising enough, tomorrow did came eventually. funny huh?
Well, though long-awaited, rest assured that this post will be a long one.
Okay, lets just pray that my stamina serves me well.

First of all, let me report a bit on myself.
1) IELTS wasn't good enough. Could have done better. Nonetheless it's >=8.0, so let it be.
2) Finished undang and bengkel. Now waiting for my L license and i can start learning how to drive a manual kancil. why is this such a drag. I want to get this over and done with as soon as possible!
3) Didn't find a job and had given up looking for one. No progress on my promise to exercise as well.
Other than the aforementioned, i'm just rotting. Feeling extremely bored at home but don't bother to find something to do either.

Now let's talking about other things that i would like to blog about.
Heng came back to spend his holiday here in Selangor.
but he didn't stay at my place.
I felt as if he had never come back for the holiday.
Did something change?
Or maybe it wasn't his main objective?
either way, i just wish that he had fun.

Last week, i went to Ipoh and stayed at JiaJun's house.
Let me start with the night JiaJun came over to my house to pick me up.
It was last Saturday. Thanks for fetching me man.
I went over to his apartment in KL for a sleepover so as to attend a spiritual talk the morning next day.
And this stupid JiaJun. Never tell me that there were more people in his apartment.
I kept thinking that there were only his parents, his sister, him and myself in that apartment.
But after we talked for quite some time, he suddenly told me that there was actually a person who's his sister's friend living inside the room beside the bathroom.
I was like, "oh, okay..."
After being in the apartment for so long then only i knew that there was another person. Fine, i accepted that and it thought that was all.
Then, after a moment of silence, JiaJun told me that there was actually another person sleeping in a room behind a kitchen who's his maid.
I was like, "huh??"
How many more people was he hiding in the apartment that i was still unaware of?
I didn't want to wake up the next day and get the shock of my life, thinking that someone broke into the apartment or something.

Okay, enough of that. Let's continue.
The next morning, we went to the spiritual talk that lasted till evening.
Before that i kept asking him what kind of talk was that exactly but he couldn't answer me at all.
Actually, neither did his family member knew how to explain what the talk is about and all they said was i have to really keep an open mind.
Well that's what i always do, open mind.
I knew JiaJun was quite worried that the talk wasn't to my taste.
Don't worry JiaJun. You didn't waste my time by bringing me there and i didn't waste your time for bringing me there as well.
So, as a proof, i would blog here about all the enlightenments that i gained from the talk.
To be honest, actually i would be quite disgusted if the talk was about preaching for a certain religion and my mom was quite worried for me because that day was just the day after 3 churches had been torched.
Fortunately, it wasn't at all the kind that i thought.

This is what i learned.
Before the talk, i was truly a free thinker but now i think i can say that i have adopted a new stand.
Even so, i have yet to accept the idea of God wholeheartedly.
Maybe somebody can help me attain such wisdom soon.
Everyone of us who believes in God agrees that God is almighty, God is all merciful, God does not judge/discriminate and there is only one God. The God that create everything in the universe. No matter what you do, God is still greater. This is what all the holy readings say. Sadly, many people nowadays misinterpreted the true meaning of God's words and some religious groups even mislead others. To think of it, there is actually only one God and through several prophets that God chose to bring across His message. Back to the origin of all religions, aren't all religions basically teaching the same thing? People started understanding God many many years ago, and they invented this so called religion so as to spread their wisdom to the rest and as an avenue to worship God. So what's the difference between all the established religions? aren't they worshiping the same God? The one and only God that created everything in the universe. We agreed on that at first, didn't we? Do you mean that there are multiple Gods? One to each religion? and each one of them creates some part of the universe? Then God wouldn't be almighty anymore. There are clones of him. The difference between all religions is simply the place where it originated. At different places, different prophets are chosen, the languages that they used to remember God's words are also different. And that's is why they are so many religions but the fundamental thing that they are teaching is all the same. So what's with you cannot call your Allah Allah? Isn't the Allah that you pray to and the God that i pray to the same one and only. The only difference is that the religion originated from an Arabic place and in the Arab language, God is known as Allah. It's just like saying, you can't call your God God, awak tak boleh panggil Tuhan awak Tuhan, 你不可以称呼你的上帝上帝,.... Funny isn't it? This is all because that people are selfish. People like to group, associate themselves to certain religious groups and exclude non-believers, to be exact, non-conformers. Since when has God taught you to be exclusive? Isn't God almighty all merciful and all inclusive? Would He choose who to like and who to dislike? Aren't we all His creations? and that makes us all sons of God, isn't it? Why would He dislike His sons and why would He be biased? If He's biased, is He still almighty? Is He of any difference from us after all? Since when has God told us that we are born a sinner? Why would He create something that is sinned? Doesn't He love us? And how is it even possible for Him to create something that is sinned? Is He tainted? Isn't He God ALMIGHTY? There is no sin, there are just mistakes that we make and those can be forgiven because God is all merciful. Who said that if you do not believe in a particular religion, heaven will have no place for you. Why would God almighty be selective? Did God direct you people to preach that way? That's more like threatening than spreading God's words. Do you mean God is a gangster? Think of all these. There is nothing wrong belonging to any one of the religions. It's just whether you truly understand God's words and did what he really wanted. We are all actually worshiping the same God. And God's words is the same in all religions. The difference is just the way different religious groups worship God. Go for the one that you think suits you the most. Frankly speaking, if you want to communicate with God, just find a quiet place where nothing else could interfere you will do. God is omnipresent remember? You don't have to repeat some wordings for billions of times or do anything stupid that wastes time and energy. Love everyone from the bottom of your heart, that's one thing that God truly wants us to do.
Okay, so much for religion. JiaJun, now you see how much insights have i gained from the talk? No worries anymore right? Eh, No offense intended. Anyone of you reader who thinks that what i said is bullshit, you can just ignore it. but i do think that it's something worth reflecting on no matter which religion you come from. I have had the benefit of receiving such wisdom without the need to work it out myself and that's why i hope to share it with the rest of you so that you can all benefit from it as well.

Now, let's move on to the Ipoh trip.
Following the day, we headed straight back to JiaJun's home in Ipoh.
The road from KL to Ipoh is narrow and worn out. Moreover, it's a two-way road.
It was so dark at night and I can feel that JiaJun's dad was driving relatively fast.
And so, i couldn't help but stay awake and attentive for the night and made sure that i had buckled up.
Nevertheless, we did reached safely.
I went up to JiaJun bedroom to put my stuff and we spent our time that night watching Moulin Rouge. This movie is fantastic! Everybody go watch. I know I should have watched this long ago. It's just classic.
Oh before i forget, along the way to Ipoh. I was like being interrogated. Nah jk. JiaJun's parent's were quite interested with how we met each other and with all my future plans.
It was only then i knew that JiaJun is planning to do business, although i am no longer sure if it's still his choice after listening so some people's opinions.
Nonetheless, i do hope that he would stick to his choice if this is really his passion.

Okay this is how far my stamina could go.
I think i should really rest and continue this tomorrow. 5.13 am d.
Good night. Ooops it's good morning.

Arghh..i'm feeling very lonely and depressed now :(
Just realized that i have missed an entirely wonderful class outing!
Grrr...i must get this off my head and focus on blogging...

So, back to Ipoh.
The next day, it was Monday.
We woke up quite early in the morning to meet one of JiaJun's friend so that we could have breakfast together.
His name is David. We called him by the nickname Burger. Not that he looks like a burger. Nothing to with his physical appearance or diet really. I have no idea how that name came about. This one you would surely have to ask JiaJun who was his secondary school's classmate. Generally he was a nice guy.
When we saw him, he was with his cousin. I am not sure if that's true but at the least that was how he introduced her. To me, they looked more like couple than cousin. Whichever they are, it's just three letters different, so it doesn't really matter right? haha
Eh, i didn't know the name of the girl throughout the entire trip until she added me on facebook after i came back home. Err, or maybe i did caught her name somewhere between conversations. I don't know. Don't intend to challenge my memory.
We had our breakfast in a place where most residents are senior citizens?
I expected the food there to be cheap but apparently they charged us rm6plus for a small bowl of mee i dont know what to call it and a cup of soya bean! Clearly the evil auntie was scamming us but at that time i didn't bother to argue because i was busy settling something in my head. Quite regretted it actually.
After that, we went to a huge Jusco shopping mall, which i forgot what it called even though i have got the name from JiaJun, to catch a movie. JiaJun and i wanted to watch Sherlock Holmes quite badly but the movie wasn't screened in Ipoh. Anyway, we settled with Old Dogs which is the earliest movie on the schedule. A hilarious movie.
There was still a little bit of time before the show and so JiaJun and Burger went to play the arcade basketball. After the movie, we were quite bored and went to play two games of pool. Lastly, we headed back to JiaJun's house to play mahjong until LooTing and ZiAng arrived in Ipoh from Johor.
Today was the first time i verified JiaJun's driving skill. He's a very focused driver i would say. He could hardly hear anything that you said while he was driving. So focused on the front road such that I was a bit worried that he might forget to check the rear and side mirrors.
We were saying that we would go fetch LooTing and ZiAng after JiaJun managed to win a game of mahjong but sadly he still didn't win any after LooTing called.
That night, the six of us plus JiaJun's parents went to 碳世界 to have buffet steamboat as dinner. They all agreed that i ate the most. I wasn't really sure of that before i wasn't full tank yet after the dinner but i can say that i didn't stop eating all the way and maybe that gave the impression that i ate the most. heehee
After that we went back home to plan for the following day's activities before we slept.
Strange enough, JiaJun's room has no ceiling fan but only air-con. Actually, to think of it, why do you need fan and air-con in the same room? aren't they substitute. However so, i still prefer fan plus air-con so that i can switch if i wish to. The feeling is different right? Honestly, i am now ore used to using fan after 6 years of air-conless room living in the boarding school.

OKay, actually i think that writing this way is very time-consuming, i think i would like to cut it shorter.
For the next day, initial plan was to go Lost World of Tambun. I have no idea why i just like to call it the Lost World of TamTung(cantonese). I think it sounds quite appropriate. haha. Anyway, it is a water theme park but we realised on internet only the night before that it's not opened on every Tuesday. Weird huh?
So, change of plan. We headed straight to Pulau Pangkor. Crazy huh? 2 hours ride from Ipoh. Burger drove. I'm quite confident with his driving and i have no idea why.
We had a picnic at a random place near the jetty before going over to Pangkor. Someone made spaghetti. It tasted quite okay but someone talked rubbish that disgusted us and made us lose our appetite. haha.
We rented a car after we took a ship over to Pangkor.
JiaJun drove us around the entire island once so that we could decide at which beach we would like to go down and play. Great job JiaJun i must say. The roads where steep and winding but he made it through. I bet he felt the sense of achievement as well. haha. After one round, he couldn't take it anymore and Burger took over. Pangkor really has nothing much to play. My mom said i should have bought the 香饼 there cause it's very tasty but she didn't know that i was going there and therefore she didn't remind me to buy. Too bad.
We chose the best beach around the island and went down to swim in the sea. We then played beach soccer. It was very fun playing soccer at the beach but i got tired very soon. Must be the effect of my long non-active lifestyle.
Before six, we caught a ship back to the jetty at Lumut. This time the ship was open-aired. I indulged in the sea wind. It felt so relaxing. I also enjoyed the scenery as well. The colour gradient between mountains nearer and mountains further away was beautiful. Greyer and greyer and finally blended with the sky.
That night, we wanted to have seafood at a place Burger recommended but unfortunately we couldn't find the place after driving countless times around Sitiawan until i could actually remember the roads can you believe that? We then settled at a restaurant JiaJun and Burger went before. We had a bet on the amount we ate and jokingly said that the one with the furthest guess would have to stay back and clean the dishes while the rest of us leave. JiaJun was so lucky that he made an exact guess. rm66 in total. he should have bought the lottery huh?

The next day, we went to TamTung. I got a serious sunburn after that. My skin is just starting to peel off now. Of course it wasn't as good as Sunway Lagoon as it is of smaller scale but i'm sure all of us enjoyed ourselves. What i liked about TamTung in particular is that it has an mini-zoo with a lot of animals. Sunway Lagoon does not have that. I love animals. There even have tigers. I didn't know that initially and i was even imagining that we might shockingly meet a tiger since the place is within some sort of jungle. Next thing i know, we see tigers. haha. The funniest part was that we thought we could safely walk pass a group of geese and suddenly they were making sounds and doing actions as if they are preparing to attack us. In the end, all of us flee like a peanut, as if we are running away from a tiger =.=
After TamTung, we went to buy food and had barbecue at JiaJun's house at night.

On Thursday, we wanted to go to some cave but we ended up playing poker, showhand and mahjong at home till evening. Surprisingly, i won all the games. haha. JiaJun's luck had gone to me. My time to buy lottery. Or just become a professional gambler will do right? At night, we ate the leftovers from last night's barbecue. A friend of JiaJun's dad came and we had a really long chat. Weirdly, i found it quite enjoyable. After that we rushed to the pasar malam to see if we could get smelly taufu but unfortunately it was sold out when we reached. OH, JiaJun's dad told us a story about the origin of smelly taufu while we were having dinner previously. I did't know whether to buy the story or not but it sounded logical. We ended up buying two DVDs and when back to watched the Producers and American Pie 7 for the night. I didn't really enjoy the Producers because the storyline was very simple but i did thought that they were a few wonderful quotes from the movie. For example, "if you are trying to shoot an arrow through my heart, congratulation, bull's eye(he said it in a very sissy tone)" and "even though we are sitting down here, we are giving you standing ovation". Those who watched would understand what i meant. JiaJun fell asleep for the Producers but he "amazingly" stayed through the entire second movie. haha

On Friday, we went to ChengKiat's mansion to play basketball in his house. Said hi to both his dogs Speedy and Harry. People were busy faking stunt with ChengKiat's slightly-shorter-than-standard basket. We had fun. Should have gone to ChengKiat's place earlier so that we can spend more time with him. Our train back to KL is at six. We left ChengKiat's house only after 5.30pm. We thought we would definitely be late because we still have to go back to JiaJun's house to get our stuffs before going to the train station. Fortunately, we reached on time. It's actually early by a few minutes to be exact. I wonder how did we made it. The ride back to KL was 3 hours. When i reached KL Sentral, i straight away bought the ticket to Subang Jaya but haplessly i missed the immediate train. Candy was going to fetch me at the Subang station so that we could have some very delicious burgers that she said. IN the end, i reached Subang only at 10. By that time, she was just there with the burgers bought. We headed straight to Eleena's place. Poor Eleena waited long for us to arrive so that we can have spaghetti but it was already very late when we reached. So spaghetti was cancelled. Only burgers. The burger was indeed delicious. It's with egg, beef, cheese, mayo, chili sauce, cucumber, green apple slice, ... Wonderful man.
The next day, three of us went swimming at the clubhouse at Candy's living area. For me, yeah water again. Pangkor, TamTung, Clubhouse. I think i fell in love with swimming after 3 three times dating with water.

I think this will be all that i want to blog about in this post.
hmm.. what else am i doing at the moment.
Finished watching another HK drama, reading a book "Obsession" (almost complete), learning Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven(at second page of the score),...
Hopefully something interesting would happen to me in the near future. I'm dying of boredom...

If you really have read this entire post from the top till bottom, believe me you are insane.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Nothing special happened for my Christmas this year.
I spent the night with my family members,
enjoying the cheese cake that my mom made.I feel like i'm just rotting at home.
I want to do something special yet i have nobody to do with.
Even so, i think i have not much time left to slack as work is creeping near.
I have to start
2)learn driving
3)get a job
4)prepare for school.
I didn't want to start school so early.
It's a little bit stressful because everything seems so rushed.
but i guess it's not really that bad since it hinders me from slacking further.
I received conditional offer by IMU and school is starting on 22Feb.
Apart from worrying that my actual results might not meet their requirements, i now have to start sending them the necessary documents and get immunized for whatever diseases that they stated.
Worst thing is that i don't think i'll be able to get my driving license very soon and my mom would not be able to fetch me since she has to fetch my brother and sisters...
How do i attend school then?
Should i apply to stay in the hostel?
but once my application is accepted, i would have to stay at the hostel for at least 1 semester..
Should i wait for the semester 1 timetable to be out first?
but by then it might be too late for me to secure a place at the hostel...
Sian, how i wish i could drive..

Anyway, i am still free now and i'm going to enjoy the holiday that i have left.
Anybody wants to hang out???

Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Plans

Finally done with IELTS.
Please give me a >8.0 or i will really suffer in hell.

I'm now officially free
and i'm going to start chasing my dreams,
turning back into who i really was.
I should stop slacking and waiting,
and start working towards what i really want.
Baby, wait for me!
I swear i'll come for you!

This is my 100th post.
A new start.

Monday, December 14, 2009

My Hair

Actually i was quite lazy and decided not to blog about my hair since it had already grown back to normal but now that i have nothing to do, blog lor..

Okay, so what happened was this.
I went to a saloon which i should not name it.
Then i was attended by this sissy hairstylist.
Apparently their hairstylists are categorized into the "hairstylist" as well as the "CREATIVE hairstylist" and the latter being more expensive of course.
So i was wondering what's the difference? is it that the "hairstylists" aren't creative? =.=
Erm, not so, i opted for a "hairstylist" and he appeared quite creative...
I told him that i wanted to cut my hair for prom and asked him if he has any suggestion.
And this was what he did.
As he was cutting my hair, he suddenly shaved off one of my sideburns completely and murmured with his gay voice, "No side burn please, side burn is like so old-fashioned!"
Then in my head i was like "OMG, WTH, i want my side burns!!!T.T"
And no choice, one side gone, kiss goodbye to the other side...
Shouldn't he has the courtesy to just ask me whether i want my sideburns murdered before he actually shaves it off?!!
Okay, fine with this. Then i let him continue with his "masterpiece".
When it is almost done, i thought =.= it's just the same hairstyle as his.
and there came the scary part.
his gay voice is heard again, "and this is my personal favourite.."
I wasn't wearing my glasses and i couldn't see what exactly was he doing at one of my side but i did sensed that something is wrong.
Oh ya, and before that he even asked me, "Do you like fashion?"
I replied, "err, yeeaaa..."
then he said "really?!!" followed by a gay laughter.
OMG, i can't stand it.
And when i looked into the mirror after i put on my glasses, TA-DA, wonderful! he tatooed lines on it. "impressive" isn't it?
He even tried to persuade me to dye my hair, but it would cost S$100 over and so i rejected.
My friends were there laughing their lungs out and i couldn't bear to scold that "not creative hairstylist" since i didn't specify what i wanted in the first place. so yea...
What is worse, he even said, "you walk out now and people see you, they would want to cut here".
.....personal favourite, arghhhh!

Friday, December 11, 2009


Hihi my sexy blog!
I'm finally back.
Do you miss me?
I miss you so much!
I believe we have a huge gap to catch up with one another,
but i'm really very lazy to fill in the blanks,
so i will just tell you whatever i recall as i blog.
No guarantee that i can remember everything that i have done while i'm not at home but i promise i'll try my best.

First of all, i'm back in Malaysia
and this time it's for long
because i have already graduated from my junior college
and next step is probably studying in Malaysia.
Okay, suddenly i feel that i miss Singapore a lot,
like i have never felt this way before.
Whatever.These were the things that i brought back to Malaysia on the last day that i was allowed to stay in HCIBS.
And you want to know how superman i was?
I brought all these back alone
and by bus.
So, you ought to be feeling remorseful now if you have contributed to all the weight that i have to carry :P
I feel surprised even thinking about it now.
How was it possible?
I don't know. i just did it.
I bet the custom officers as well as the cab and bus driver would remember me forever.
What a crazy fellow.
But too bad, they won't get to see me bringing so much stuff back to Malaysia ever again.
My friends in Singapore, don't worry, this does not mean that i will never ever go over to Singapore and visit all of you. I will.

Next, A level's is finally over.
Although my last paper was on the 3rd of December, frankly speaking, in my heart it was already over after my second last paper on the 23rd of November.
I seriously don't understand why they want to make us suffer by arranging such "wonderful" schedule.
Anyway, i thought A level's was quite manageable, in fact way easier than our school's prelims.
Eh, all i hope for now is that i will be able to get a decent grade for GP.
Post A level's was fun.
I went shopping everyday from day till night all around Singapore.
And you can see christmas trees everywhere.

inner view of the christmas tree.

What else did i do?
I went botanical garden for a walk one of the nights with two of my friends.
Then I attended the graduation prom also.
Lazy to talk about it.
The next day i sent ChengKiat to the airport before going karaoke with 单身贵族帮 and finally went to sim lim to buy a 1 terabyte external harddisk and then went island creamery to have a mud pie slice.
Of course, the next day i came back here to Malaysia.

Okay, actually i'm very tired now.
I think i should go to sleep.
The rest i will update tomorrow.
Oh yea, next post i will talk about how i got my new haircut.
i tatooed lines on one side.....

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

End of Prelims

Yesterday marked the end of prelims.
Took the last paper which is Chemistry paper 1.
Really don't want to talk about it.
Not even want to think about it.
Never have i felt so screwed up for paper 1.

Staright away after the paper, i went back to boarding school to shower and play a bit of guitar before joining three of my friends on the 单身贵族 outing.
Although the outing is named this way, i am quite suspicious with all of their status.
I am probably the only one remaining single :PWe went to ION Orchard after eating BK since we have never really visited there before.These are the three people i went with.
They are about the height as seemed to me.
I think the can form 1XX Club using their height.After that, we went to watch a movie.Inglourious Basterds.
It's M18. After watching it, i could understand why they rated it M18.
Some of the scenes were really gory.
Besides, it's still a nice movie.I enjoyed the humour they put in the movie.
I think Brad Pitt's acting is remarkable. Loved it.
Each chapters in the movie are interestingly plotted.

In the evening, we came back and boarded the bus to the scholars' farewell dinner.
Seafood steamboat sponsored by school.
It was quite a memorable night, at least for HueyJeen i guess.
We sang a bit of Karaoke there before heading back to boarding school.
This is still not the end of our post prelims celebration.
After that, we played bridge until around 3am as if we have no school the next day.
Wheee, it has really been a long time since i really played without any burden.
Enjoyed myself to the fullest!

Prelims are over and i seriously have no idea what to do now.